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Seven Minute Skies

Life in Landscapes

Painting in the Rain

Painting against the Light

Colour in Shadows

Winter Trees

Painting Flower Gardens

Achieving Lift Off (Rescue Tactics)

Learning to Pain Figures

Composition I - Show Stoppers

Composition II - Emphasis on Impact

Composition III - Honey Trap

A Place for figures in Landscape

Painting Snow Scenes

Crowd Control - Step by Step Figures

Wet into Wet Skies

Painting Winter Trees ("Winter Shapes")

Painting Doors and Windows ("Making an Enrance")

Landscapes with Trees (summer trees )

Composing with Shadows

Enhancing the Light

Using the viewfinder

Subduing the Light

Narrative Appeal

Reflecting on Reflections

Foreground Matters

Perspective made Easy

Not just fifty shades of grey - Shadow Colours

Anchor Points - Visual Centre of Focus

Dotty way of Painting Flowers in the Landscape

Make an Impact with Grey Skies

Painting Grey Skies in Norfolk Broads

Striking Skies in Watercolour

Swinbrook, Cotswolds, morning light
Swinbrook, Cotswolds, morning light